NEW! 100% Organic Gluten-Free Walnut Flour, 5lbs – Free Shipping


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Our Organic Walnut Flour is currently available at our Farmer’s Market stand and at our farm stand. It will be back in stock online November 2019!

Our tasty walnut flour is coarser than regular wheat flour. It also has a high oil content which gives it a moist appearance. This item has been the surprise of 2017! It is a favorite of my farmer’s market people due to the low price per pound.

My customers love this as a breading flour for fish or chicken, making banana bread, using it at the bottom of tarts, and mixing it with other flours for pancakes. But the number one use is as a powerful protein and healthy oil powder for smoothies. Can’t beat the price!

Place an order for five 1lb bags (5lbs total) of our new organic gluten-free walnut flour. Limited supplies.


Free to ship, no additional shipping charge!

Want to order a single 1 pound bag or other custom amount? Please contact us at and we can put together a custom order with the most economical shipping fee.