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Free Shipping Add-ons

After multiple requests from our customers to try out our delicious walnut butter and walnut flour, we figured out how to combine these smaller items with larger orders to minimize shipping prices.

With any order of $50 or more, you unlock the option of adding one of our Free Shipping Add-Ons for no additional shipping fee.

Our Free Shipping Add-Ons include:

  • 1lb 100% Organic Gluten-Free Walnut Flour
  • 1 8oz Jar Raw Organic Walnut Butter

Our tasty walnut flour is coarser than regular wheat flour. It also has a high oil content which gives it a moist appearance. It is a favorite of my farmer’s market people due to the low price per pound.

My customers love this as a breading flour for fish or chicken, making banana bread, grain-free cookies, or flourless cake (see our blog for recipes!), using it at the bottom of tarts, and mixing it with other flours for pancakes. But the number one use is as a powerful protein and healthy oil powder for smoothies. Can’t beat the price!

Our 100% organic and raw estate walnut butter has walnuts as the single ingredient, no other nuts are added as fillers. You will also not find sugar or salt in this jar. If you choose to, add your own salt or sweetener to this delicious and healthy 100% organic product. This is Jutta’s favorite way to add a healthy protein to her afternoon smoothie. Also satisfying as a dip for veggies and fruit or as a spread for crackers and toast.


Our Add-Ons add no shipping charge when added to an order of $50 or more!

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