Paso Robles Organic Wine & Walnuts Shop

Straight from our farm to your table. All of our products are certified USDA organic, and absolutely delicious too! Enjoy our Paso Robles organic wine and walnuts shop and have a special treat for you or a friend shipped right to your door.

All our Walnuts are NOT pasteurized and have been processed in our own facility which handles only our Walnuts and no other nuts or other products.


Our unique shipping setup allows the most economical pricing for our customers. Detailed shipping information is on each product page, but here’s a quick breakdown of our rates:

  • Bulk Walnuts: FREE to ship to all of the US!

  • Bagged Walnuts: $8-18 depending on weight and location

  • Walnut Butter: FREE to ship to all of the US!

  • Walnut Oil: FREE to ship to all of the US!

  • Wine: FREE to ship when buying 4 or more bottles, or when shipped to California, Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico. Otherwise $6.50 – $16.50 depending on amount and location.

  • NOTE – Due to alcohol shipping regulations, we cannot ship wine to the following states: Utah, Rhode Island, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Kentucky, Delaware, Arkansas, Alabama. These restrictions only apply to orders of alcohol, so feel free to order and enjoy any of our walnut products!

View all shipping rates here.

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